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Life is too short to waste it on meaningless things...

I do a lot of webinars, free sessions for founders, and volunteer for other initiatives. The reason for that is August 10, 2014 and a series of events that followed. This date is more important to me than my birthday despite it's a very sad day. That day my brother called me and said that my mother had brain cancer.

The next 4.5 months were very tough for our family. The situation got worse every day. Instead of 3x4 cm tumor my mom had a glioblastoma with a size of 5x7 cm. The next several months we were busy with crowdfunding, finding a good clinic, having surgery and chemiotherapy, visiting mom intensive therapy, etc. 3 times my mom was in a coma, 3 times the doctors did not give chances that she would recover. I spent 1 month combined in intensive care room. I was 27 years old at then...

I'm grateful to the I2BF Global Ventures team. They supported me during this journey back then. This is how I learned that I'm in the team of like-minded people!

Sitting in the intensive care unit, I realized that one day I would also die. The only thing that matters that day is the impact I've done in my life. So I decided to help out whenever I can donating money, sharing knowledge, or just talking to people and supporting them.

I also launched Ask VC media project as an opportunity to positively impact the world by helping technology entrepreneurs. That is why I do a lot of free lectures and courses, mentor startups and VC interns, or just make 15-20 minut calls with proactive people. I hope to see the results 5-10 years from now:)

I 'd like to end this post with another story. A good friend of mine died last week. He was 50 years old... Our life is too short to waste it on meaningless things. If you read this article, you are probably in 5% of people on the planet who also want to change the world for good. Please, focus on really important and impactful things! Please, stay kind and take care of people around you:)

Original article was published at my LinkedIn here.

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