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Why you should stay optimistic even during the hardest times

Christians believe that despondency (extreme pessimism) is one of sins. I recently found out why. A couple of weeks ago I finished reading the book The End of Procrastination by Peter Ludwig ( The author has covered the main psychological researches in the field of motivation. He also provided methods for improving it. In one of the chapters, Peter described the case of the Second World War soldiers who were in a deep depression and believed that their life was over. Some of them even committed suicide. The author explains that even in the hardest if we focus on the horrors of the past we make ourselves feel worse and kill our motivation. To get out of the vicious circle, psychologists helped the soldiers understand that their past was really terrible and it couldn't be changed. They could change the future instead. For example, they might write a memoir, give a lecture to the youth, or do something else. Of course, this is a hard and long way, because each failure can only aggravate depression and discourage soldiers from the desire to try something again. The author stresses that many soldiers successfully overcame despondency.

I'd like to tell you this fact today because I believe that 2023 will be worse than 2022. The world economic crisis will hit us badly within 6 months. I believe that most of us underestimate the scale of the upcoming correction... The trick is if we focus on fear and negative upcoming events then we kill our motivation and lose the ability to overcome it. Wrapping up this article I'd like to tell you a motivating story from physics. Albert Einstein proposed the General Relativity Theory in 1915 (this theory explains the existence of black holes and other phenomena). He lived in military Berlin then. The theory was confirmed during a solar eclipse on May 29, 1919 (6 months after the end of the war). I wish you to stay positive and focus on something useful!

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